How to Proactively Fix Irrigation and Drainage Issues

So much of landscape care is seasonal, but it’s ALWAYS a good time to proactively address potential irrigation and drainage issues.  An ounce of prevention can help avoid expensive issues associated with extensive water damage. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to fix common water-related issues this Fall:

Turn off your irrigation system

As temperatures continue to drop, it’s a good proactive measure to turn off your irrigation system and shut the water to the system off to prevent freeze damage.  To fully protect the investment made in your system, fully winterize your irrigation system by fulling bleeding the water out and reducing the risk of trapped water freezing, expanding and breaking the pipes.   

Install or Repair Drainage Systems

Now is a great time to evaluate your drainage systems, including downspouts, drains and catch basins.  In particular, keep an eye on your planter beds and hardscaped areas.  During times of heavy or prolonged rain, water can accumulate and form puddles.  If you see large puddles that don’t drain, consider installing a channel drain or catch basin. Channel drains are perfect for directing water flow away from hardscaped areas, such as patios and walkways.  Catch basins can be located within the landscape to provide excess water somewhere to go, preventing issues associated with soggy turf.

Freshen up mulch

Mulch is a great multi-tasker.  A fresh layer of mulch helps absorb excessive rainfall, reduces erosion and helps soil retain moisture needed and reduces runoff and erosion.  Mulch has the added benefit of providing a layer of insulation, protecting your plants and shrubs from cold weather snaps and extreme temperate fluctuations common during north Atlanta winters.  Good quality mulch also helps amend the soil. 

Try WiFi power sockets

A “smart” feature to add to your landscape, WiFi power sockets can be used to control water features and landscape lighting.  These come in handy when the sun sets and the temperatures drop.  Convenience is a major benefit, as it’s much easier to control these features via smart phone than go outside when it’s cold and dark.  Making it easier to control power us also helps control your household’s energy consumption. 

For more helpful info about how to identify and fix poor drainage, click here.  Ready to winterize your irrigation systems or proactively solve your drainage problem?  Contact us today!