Does Swatting Keep Mosquitoes Away?

It sure does! Even if you miss, swatting may keep mosquitoes from biting you… but only for a little while. In fact, researchers say mosquitoes learned to avoid “threatening situations” after just 15 minutes and could remember what they learned for 24 hours. 

But do you want to constantly wave your arms around to avoid those painful, itchy bites?

While it’s probably good exercise, forceful and persistent swatting whenever you venture outdoors might result in interesting looks from the neighbors and the inability to hold food or beverage. Or, you could consider an alternative: 

  • Mosquito-treating your lawn 
  • Making sure your landscape is clear of standing water, which is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants as protection from mosquito bites

If you would like to sign up for our environmentally-friendly mosquito control product, contact us today! The active ingredient in our mosquito control is a synthetic reproduction of a substance derived from chrysanthemums (the same ingredient is found in many household products). We apply mosquito reduction treatments every three to four weeks throughout the full mosquito season, April through October (weather permitting, of course).

If you’re interested in learning more about mosquito’s interesting behavior, check out the scientific studies revealing how mosquitoes have preferences depending on how a person looks, smells or acts. According to Jeffrey Riffell, a neuroecologist at The University of Washington who led the study, mosquitoes detect odor, temperature, sweat and even the presence of alcohol or pregnancy (pregnant women emit more carbon dioxide), but these preferences can change if a mosquito feels threatened.