Best Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Ways to Prep for Summer

The days are getting longer and warmer, which means summer is coming!  A concern for many this time of year is how to keep your landscape looking its best while keeping your water bill under control. Water use becomes a hot topic during the warmer months in Atlanta, as water restrictions (and water bills) inspire homeowners to become more efficient in their water use.

The good news: We have handy solutions!  Fortunately, there are both high-tech and low-tech ways to help conserve water now, and throughout the hot summer months.

There’s an app for that!

You might try one of the new “smart” Wi-Fi-enabled irrigation systems, such as Hunter’s Hydrawise product, which use nearby weather data to automatically adjust watering based on real-time local weather data.  This “Predictive Watering” fine-tunes irrigation based on the weather forecast and history. This approach of looking at past, present and future weather leads to significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving both time and money.  Plus, they have an app for that!  Hydrawise offers remote access to view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet, or computer.

A Tried and True Approach: Fresh Mulch

Another suggestion is to invest in a fresh application of mulch.  Mulch and pine straw slows water evaporation and helps your soil retain moisture.  This means you can water less and retain more water, preventing plants from drying out and dying.  Mulch also prevents weed growth and is a quick and instant way to add curb appeal.

Other great ways to conserve water include:

  • Plant in water-saving containers, such as terra cotta
  • Plant a rain garden to slow down storm runoff
  • Choose native plants that require less care and watering
  • Consider permeable pavers for walkways and patios
  • Install gravel or pebble patios

Interested in prepping your landscape for the summer heat? Contact us today, and our team of professionals will take care of it.  This Spring and Summer, resolve to spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time working on it.