Top Gardening Trends for 2018

The first hints of Spring are in the air, and many of us like to dream up new ideas for our landscapes.  Looking for inspiration?  Here are some top gardening trends for 2018:


You don’t need a huge space to command a big presence.  Even the smallest gardens can be eye-catching and attractive.  If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of a huge landscape, focus on a small garden near a seating area or doorway.  Small gardens provide big opportunities to be creative by combining plants with a variety of containers, lawn ornaments or seating.  Pick a variety of colors and textures,and have fun!


Last year creating “outdoor rooms” was the biggest trend in landscaping.  This year, outdoor kitchens are the most popular type of room to create.  Here are 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen, including thoughtful tips on how to design the space, as it will not be defined by walls. When designating a space for your outdoor kitchen, consider where guests will naturally congregate and traffic patterns in and out of the house.  Containers, seating and small gardens can help define the space.


More people are becoming conscious of creating a beautiful landscape that helps support local wildlife. If you are trying to support a natural habitat to your backyard, the single best thing you can do is plant native shrubs, flowers and trees.  Native plants are best suited for the native birds’ needs, plus native plants are great at weathering the big temperature swings we experience here in Atlanta.  Read this to learn more about how to attract birds to your landscape this Spring.  And here are tips to ensure you’re attracting the right wildlife to your landscape – and discouraging the types that may be harmful (like snakes).


Sometimes landscaping serve practical purposes, such as privacy.  Creating an enclosed space, or screen, can add to the comfort and increase use of and outdoor space.  Options range from a traditional privacy hedge to a more informal, permeable option with ornamental deciduous trees, such as a Japanese Maple.  Privacy is not always visual – sometimes we need to mask noise with the soothing sound of a fountain or urn.


Want to recapture child-like excitement for your garden?  Try something new!  Or, even better, grow something you can eat!  It’s so rewarding to watch fruits and vegetables grow day by day.  As the weather warms up, experienced gardening enthusiasts and novices alike are inspired to start planning their vegetable gardens.  Here are handy tips on planting a Spring vegetable garden.   Vegetables not your thing?  Try adding a new native plant to your landscape.