Tech Gadgets for your Garden

If you want to become a better gardener through better information – or if you want technology that makes it easier to care for your landscape – it may be time to add some of these gadgets to your holiday wish list.

Why Landscape Tech Makes Sense:

A healthy landscape needs approximately 1 inch of water per week to thrive. However, many factors affect the amount of moisture actually getting to the root of your landscape, including the amount of natural rainfall, sunlight, wind and the rate of evaporation. Making the situation more complicated, your landscape is comprised of micro-climates, which means these conditions can vary. Microclimates are areas within your landscape that experience much different amount of moisture and sunlight than surrounding areas. This may include raised plant beds in full sun compared to lower, shaded areas. Whether an area experience morning or afternoon sun also strongly influences its microclimate.

Fortunately, there is technology available that helps take the guesswork out of watering and other decisions.

Tech Options Available Today:

If you are considering a smart WiFi-enabled irrigation system, we’ve done our research and recommend the Hydrawise system.

If you prefer a sensor that can monitor the level of moisture in the ground, The Flower Care is a smart plant monitor that provides real time information about moisture, sunlight and temperature levels to an app compatible with iOS or Android devices. The app also gives users access to a massive plant database allows you to find the optimal growing condition for each plant.

If you crave information but value budget over convenience, there are inexpensive sensors that provide valuable information without the wireless feature. The Oracle is a 3-in-1 soil moisture meter, a soil pH meter and a light meter for indoor or outdoor use. No batteries or power is required, simply stick the sensor into the soil at root-level, and reading appear on the display.

Landscapes are the new frontier for smart device technology. Enjoy your landscape, without the guesswork.