Landscape Lighting with LEDs

LEDs have revolutionized how we light the inside of our homes – and the practicality and energy savings associated with this preferred light source can benefit your landscape, too!  Here are the top three benefits of using LED lights in your landscape:

  1. Durability: LED lighting is more durable than traditional incandescent bulbs, making it the perfect fit for outdoor lighting. LED lights have no filaments, which means LEDs are better able to withstand bumps and vibrations caused by wind, animals and other outdoor elements.  
  2. Eco-Friendly: LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, making your outdoor lighting more ecofriendly – and your power bill more budget-friendly.  LED bulbs also have a longer life span, meaning you are buying less light bulbs and producing less waste over time.
  3. Cooler temperature: One of the major benefits of LED lighting is the cooler temperature of the light bulbs.  Especially when landscape lighting is left on overnight, hot light bulbs can damage nearby plants and become a potential fire hazard around dry leaves. 

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Not only is landscape lighting practical – there are a number of different ways lighting techniques can create visual interest after dark.  From dramatic and stately to warm and comforting, popular lighting techniques include:

Up-Lighting: A popular technique that uses spotlights to illuminate the outside walls of a house, this technique makes the home a welcoming centerpiece of your landscape.  

Down-lighting: By placing lights up high – within trees or structures – this technique can be used to illuminate pathways, ponds or gardens.  Both up-lighting and down-lighting are also useful when accenting certain architectural elements or landscape features. 

Moon-lighting: Similar to down-lighting but more diffuse, moon-lighting utilizes lights placed high within trees or structures to mimic moonlight streaming through branches for a more subtle, natural effect.   

Silhouetting or Shadowing:  To create a striking visual around an ornamental tree or other landscape feature, place a spotlight in front of, or behind, the landscape feature near a wall to create a silhouette or shadow effect. 

Pathway Lighting: A practical and visually-pleasing way to highlight pathways is to install small light fixtures at fixed intervals along the border.  Unlike other lighting techniques where the light fixture itself is usually hidden from view, the design and placement of the light housing along pathways should match the style of the overall home and landscape.   

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