10 Tips on Easy, Fun Outdoor Entertaining

Summertime means a more relaxed attitude about entertaining.  As the party moves outside there is less worry about crumbs, spills and stains. 

What are the main ingredients to successful outdoor entertaining?  Here are ten tried and true tips on how to make outdoor plans simple and fun this summer:

1.      A lush, even lawn invites guests outside to relax, mingle or play.  Need a more inviting lawn?  We can help! 

2.      Mosquito treatments that allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors without pesky bug bites. 

3.      Bring people together with a little friendly competition!  Set out lawn games and watch guests of all ages engage in a little comradery and light exercise.    

4.      Arrange your outdoor furniture into conversational seating areas, including simple side tables as a convenient place for food and drinks. 

5.      Accent your seating areas with comfortable cushions and pillows. 

6.      Set up self-serve food and beverage stations.  Both hosts and guests will benefit from this convenience.

7.      Anchor any light items, such as napkins and paper plates, to prevent the wind from blowing away your party supplies. 

8.      Decorate your outdoor tables with fresh flowers cut from your own garden.  No need to bring out your best crystal vases!  Mason jars and pitchers provide genuine southern charm. 

9.      Keep the food simple.  Whether it’s an all-American BBQ, Mexican or Mediterranean, pick a theme and keep the menu simple with refreshing side items such as fresh fruit, raw veggies and salads. 

10.   Simple lighting, such as candles or strands of white lights, keeps the party going after twilight.  Battery-operated candles eliminate open flames and can twinkle in the breeze without blowing out.  

Contact us today, and let’s make this a summer to remember by creating a welcoming outdoor space.