Top 3 Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Tree for your Landscape

Everyone agrees that trees boost home values, although the estimates on just how much varies. In Fulton County, homes sold for nearly $105,000 more in neighborhoods with mature trees, according to a study by The University of Georgia.  Today, reports that mature trees in a well-landscaped yard can increase the value of a house by 7 to 19 percent.  

Despite the variations, one thing is for sure: homeowners definitely get a great return on investment when selecting the right tree and thoughtfully placing it within their landscape.

How to Select the Right Tree for your Landscape

Selecting the perfect tree for your landscape is part art, part science.

First, you need to consider the tree’s function. For example, do you need privacy, shade, to define a boundary or just an interesting focal point?  Keep in mind that these needs are not mutually exclusive – one tree can fulfill multiple duties within your landscape.  This step will help narrow down your selection to a type of tree, such as evergreen, ornamental or shade.

Second, consider the placement. This is a very important element that can determine whether your new tree thrives.  It can also be instrumental on how the tree works in harmony with your existing landscape.  Factors to consider include the amount of sunlight and space to grow until the tree reaches its full size at maturity.   

Third, consider how quickly you need the tree to mature. A long-term plan has the luxury of considering slow growth trees, while the need for privacy or curb appeal in the near team would be accomplished sooner with medium to fast growing trees. 

Once these steps have been thoughtfully considered, more specific tree types can be considered. Keep in mind that certain trees are popular a reason: they are attractive and naturally thrive in this climate.

A partial list of the most popular varieties that thrive here in north Atlanta – and their benefits – includes:

Flowering trees that provide cheerful color to your landscape include white or pink Dogwoods, which have potential to reach 20-25 feet at a medium growth rate.

Ornamental trees that interest, privacy and definition to a landscape, include the Crape Myrtle, which can add interest to any privacy hedge. It’s a fast growing flowering tree, reaches 15-25 feet at maturity and great for hot and sunny areas.

Evergreens that provide consistent privacy or shade year-round. The popular evergreen and flowering Magnolia tree thrives here in Georgia, flowers May-June, offers a medium growth rate with a potential to reach 60-80 feet tall.

Fruit Trees are gaining popularity, especially if planted near an outdoor kitchen. Everyone in the greater Atlanta area has the potential to live on a peachtree street with the Belle of Georgia Peach tree, a fast growing variety that reach a height of 8-25 feet, beautiful flowers, fruit ripens in August starting at age three or four.

Large Shade or Privacy Trees, such as the Sugar Maple, which grows at a slow to medium rate, eventually reaching 60-75 feet at maturity, and offer brilliant yellow, orange and red fall colors. The  Weeping Willow is a fast-growing tree that can grow up to 3 feet per year, reaching a height of 30-40 feet at maturity and also offers brilliant fall color.  If the space available better accommodates a columnar shape, the Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen, 15-25 feet wide and popular for use as a privacy screen.

From selecting the perfect tree type for your landscape, sourcing it from a trusted vendor, professional installation, advising on the best nutrition, or pruning and shaping, contact us today for all of your tree needs.