Late Winter is Ideal Time to Prune Trees in Your Landscape

An important part of winter landscape maintenance is tree pruning, including the ever-popular ornamental flowering trees such as dogwoods and crape myrtles here in northern Atlanta. Late winter is the ideal time to prune the trees in your landscape because the trees are dormant this time of year, and pruning now will help stimulate new growth in Spring. 

Pruning also cleans up the appearance of your landscape, particularly when tree suckers are removed. “Tree suckers” are small branches that grow out of the base of the tree.  It’s a good idea to remove tree suckers as they literally suck energy from the rest of the tree, preventing valuable nutrients from reaching the upper branches.  Proper pruning techniques promote the health of the more mature parts of the tree, while over-pruning can stimulate additional tree sucker growth.

When we prune trees to promote the overall health of the tree, we make purposeful cuts with clean, sharp tools to:

  • Remove dead or broken branches
  • Remove branches damaged by insects or disease
  • Remove branches that rub together
  • Enhance the overall appearance of the tree
  • In some cases, increase the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground and improve air circulation

Trees are one of the biggest assets in your landscape, and pruning should be approached methodically and thoughtfully to maintain their health, beauty and value. If you have ornamental trees within your landscape that would benefit from a more thorough pruning, contact us today to schedule a deeper hand pruning by our trained professionals.