Landscaping for Privacy

Whether you want to block a certain view into or out of your property, mask intrusive noise or just create a more intimate outdoor space, landscaping for privacy can take your outdoor space to the next level. 

How to Landscape for Privacy

If you want to keep others from looking in, or block an unsightly view, there are multiple ways to landscape for privacy.  Your method can be customized to fit your taste, space and budget.

A privacy hedge is a traditional and effective method that has stood the test of time.   It’s a simple solution that creates a natural wall – but it can also be as interesting as a blank wall if not accompanied by contrasting layers.  To create more visual interest, consider placing plants and shrubs of varying heights and textures along with deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials.   When planting more than one of any variety, a design tips to always plant in odd numbers.

Another method that creates an opaque barrier is hardscaping with stone, stucco or wooden walls.  These structures do not need to span the entire width of your property.  Instead, a decorative wall or structure can be strategically placed to create the desired effect.  Windows and ironwork can provide a space for sunlight and air to flow through the structure.

Hardscaping structures such as a pergola or vertical outdoor fireplace can also do the trick.   Open fences, lattice work and pergolas can also define space and increase privacy without impeding air circulation or sunlight.  These structures can also serve a framework for fast growing vines for a more organic look.

More informal, permeable options when landscaping for privacy include anything from ornamental deciduous trees, such as a Japanese Maple, to evergreen holly bushes.  Based on the height, width and style of your specific area, a landscaping professional can tailor a recommendation to fit your needs.      

Landscaping to Mask Unwanted Noise

Privacy is not always visual – sometimes we need to mask noise that intrudes into our space.  Whether it’s traffic or a neighbor’s HVAC system, the soothing sound of a fountain or urn can help by creating pleasant source of white noise.   Water features are also low-maintenance ways to add movement and interest into your design.

Landscaping For Privacy Also Creates a More Functional Space

Landscaping for privacy can also help create a more usable space within your property by creating an “outdoor room.”  Both hardscaping and landscaping techniques can provide beautiful focal points that serve as an anchor for your design.  By defining the perimeter of a more intimate “space within a space,” you can better arrange outdoor furniture and container plantings.   Investments made in creating outdoor rooms are providing one of the biggest returns on investments, as prospective homebuyers want to take ordinary activities – such as cooking, dining and socializing – outside.

Ready to reclaim some personal space within your landscape?  Let’s work together to create a more private – yet inviting – outdoor space that will add value to your property and happiness to your day. Contact us today!