The Mailbox Makeover: An Affordable Way to Boost Curb Appeal

Your mailbox is the landscaping feature closest to your curb, and a mailbox makeover is an easy way to quickly boost your curb appeal. Often overlooked by homeowners, your mailbox the first thing visitors see when looking for your house number.  And a mailbox makeover can go beyond the updating the mailbox itself – it is an opportunity to add color, style and polish to your landscape. 

The key to a successful mailbox makeover is to maximize the small space with an efficient design that is hearty and easy to maintain.

Most mailboxes are located in an area that receives full sun and little shelter from the elements, and the plants selected for this area need to withstand this tough microclimate.

Bright, contrasting annuals can create a bold, cheery focal point along with the opportunity to change colors every year. Clients who like the colorful, evolving look of annuals, should not be intimidated by the work needed to rotate plants seasonally because our team of landscape professionals can install new plants as-needed. Or, sturdy perennials can create a polished, low-maintenance look.  

Whatever your preference, the tallest plants should be located in the center, closest to the mailbox. Smaller plants can be planted around the perimeter to create additional texture and design elements. 

Once the plants are installed, the next step is applying the groundcover. Mulch or pine straw punctuates the look and will protect your plants’ root systems.

Thoughtfully selecting plants to surround your mailbox is a quick and easy way to upgrade this highly visible area. But if you’re ready to take your mailbox makeover to the next level, consider retiring your old mailbox post and replacing it with stone or brick.  Or simply replace your aged post with a new traditional or decorative post. 

Are you ready to boost your curb appeal with a mailbox makeover? Our horticultural experts can recommend the best plants that will thrive in that location and reflect your personal style.  Handy Andy Outdoors can also facilitate the design and labor for masonry work.