Top 5 Tips for Creating a Beautiful (and Practical) Front Entryway

An inviting landscape is a wonderful way to make a first impression when you’re welcoming guests into your home.  If you’re planning on putting your house on the market, it’s also a smart way to add value to your property. 

A well-kept entryway that is designed to work in harmony with your home’s architectural elements will boost curb appeal and set the stage for a lovely visit.  

Here are our top five tips on how to successfully landscape a front entryway:

  1. Create a Pleasant (and Easy) Walk to the Front Door:   The pathway leading to the front door does not need to be the shortest distance between two points. A path can be curved or set at an angle, and provide interesting focal points along the way. Avoid slip and trip hazards by making the walkway sturdy and easy to navigate. Hardscaping and landscaping elements should match the architectural style of the home and accentuate its best qualities.
  2. Layer Shapes and Sizes into your Design: Visual interest can be created by layering different shapes and sizes of plants along your front walkway to the entrance of your home. Trees and shrubs can provide vertical elements, but the size should remain in scale with the size of the home. Large trees appropriate for a multi-story home will look overwhelming in front of a 1-story ranch home.
  3. Place Colorful Accents Near the Door: Various shapes and textures of evergreens and perennials may line your walkway, but a pop of seasonal color near your front door will provide a cheery focal point. Flowers are a great way to add accent colors, but ferns, cabbages and other plants can also add color and interest to your entryway.
  4. Design for Anytime, Everyday: The difference between a GOOD design and a GREAT design is making your front entryway look good day or night throughout the year. Evergreens are great foundation plants for an entryway design that’s built to last. Well-planned placement of perennials that flower at different times of the year will also provide a rotation of focal points that will evolve with the seasons. And a good lighting design will also ensure that your front entryway always looks inviting, even after the sun sets.
  5. Be Practical: Every home presents some challenges that should be addressed head-on. For example, concealment plantings can be strategically placed to hide unsightly features such as foundation lines, HVAC systems or garbage collection areas. And in many homes, the front door is simply ornamental, as almost all guest traffic enters through a side door. By acknowledging traffic patterns around your home, we can create an inviting design that will either re-direct visitors to your front door, or create a landscape design that will elevate your side entrance to an inviting entryway you’ll be proud of.

Whether you are simply freshening up your entryway, or you would like a complete redesign, we’re here to help!   The landscape design experts at Handy Andy Outdoors create customized designs that maximize our clients’ return on investment and take their front entryway to the next level.