How to Prepare Your Landscape for Winter and Beyond

It’s November, and the change of seasons is on everyone’s minds. It’s time to pack away your summer clothes and prepare yourself – and your landscape – for the colder weather. Here is a handy checklist on preparing your landscape for winter:

Check your mulch levels:   Anytime there is a change of season there are big temperature fluctuations.  A healthy layer of mulch will add a layer of insulation and protect root systems from extreme temperature changes and help the soil retain moisture.

Water when appropriate: Experts say we’re in for a wet winter, but if we do experience a dry spell, we do recommend watering your trees and shrubs – especially if we’re experiencing windy weather.  Read this blog post for tips on spotting signs of damage and dehydration during the winter months.

Solve any drainage issues: Also due to the ample amount of rainfall predicted for Atlanta this winter, you should address any drainage issues before pooling water causes expensive damage to your turf and your home’s foundation.  

Prepare for a deep freeze: Identify which plants in your landscape are most vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures.  When cold weather strikes, have the tools and plan in place to act quickly.  Put lightweight tarps or linens to in a handy place, so you can act quickly to protect those plants when the temp plunges. You can also move potted plants to an area that is sheltered from the wind.

Swap out underperformers: If certain trees , shrubs and ornamental plants within your landscape are chronic poor performers, it may be time to call in a substitution.  If you can’t make the call, the experts at Handy Andy Outdoors can advise on the health of the plant and recommend a heartier replacement that is more likely to thrive in that microclimate. 

Enjoy it, and dream of ways to make it better:  The change of seasons also gives us time to reflect on the utility of our surroundings.   Now that the hectic summer is over and we can take a deep breath of cool Fall air, we can think about how the space is used and how it can better serve you and your family.  Are your kids outgrowing that playset, and the space could be better utilized as a gathering place around a fire pit?  As the leaves fall off the trees, are you longing for more privacy that evergreens or a clever hardscape plan could provide? Would you like a larger area for that vegetable garden next Spring? We’re here to help your landscape evolve with your needs.