Handy Tips on Attracting Birds to Your Landscape This Winter

Our landscapes are great at multi-tasking. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to beautify our surroundings, but one of life’s simple pleasures is seeing how our landscapes serve as small ecosystems.  Here are some handy tips on how to make your landscape a more inviting environment for birds this winter.  Not only will you be rewarded with great bird-watching opportunities – bird feeding can enhance a bird’s chances of survival during a harsh winter.  

Trees are a fantastic multi-tasker within your landscape. In addition to providing privacy and beauty, trees, dense evergreen shrubs and conifers in your landscape can provide safety and shelter for birds. You can also supplement the natural shelters within your landscape with bird houses. 

If you’ve decided to feed the birds this winter, The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recommends starting with only one or two feeders positioned at least 10 feet from cover and continually stocking feeders with seed throughout the entire winter season.  This positioning gives birds a better chance of excepting from predators, and helps keep squirrels away from the feeder.   Keep in mind that bird like to feed at different levels, and hanging the second bid feeder higher or lower than the first will attract more birds. 

To avoid mold, keep your feeders clean and dry. To make your feeder easier to clean and avoid wasting food that gets damp, just put a couple days of seed in the feeder at a time and use a scoop to avoid spilling any feed directly on the ground.  

Birds also need fresh sources of water. As local garden centers make room for seasonal items, this is a great time of year to buy a bird bath – and a great gift for the bird enthusiast on your list!  A bird bath can also give your garden an attractive focal point.  To enhance your environment for birds throughout the year, consider planting flowering shrubs, perennials and vines as natural food sources.  Most plants that produce berries attract both birds and butterflies. 

If you’re interested in supplementing your landscape with more trees, flowering shrubs and other items known for attracting birds in central Georgia, we can help! The landscape experts at Handy Andy Outdoors can recommend which trees and plants will thrive in your microclimate.  Our landscape designers can recommend placement that will increase the likelihood of attracting birds and provide the most visually pleasing focal points for you.  And our team will deliver and install the trees and plants.  Contact us today!