Why It’s Smart to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Experts predict a cold, wet winter for the metro Atlanta area, thanks to El Nino and other weather patterns.  Hopefully the heavy cloud cover predicted to hang over Atlanta will protect us from lots of snow and ice this year, but the temperature is predicted to drop below freezing and the cold weather may linger into Spring.

How can you prepare your landscape for a cold wet winter? A smart way to protect the investment you’ve made in your landscape is winterizing your irrigation system.  This process will help prevent damage that can be costly and time consuming to repair.

Winterizing an irrigation system includes bleeding the water out of the system to prevent trapped water from freezing, expanding and breaking the pipes. Winterization also includes a complete shut-down of the system, including cutting off the water supply, controller and timers. 

Want to winterize your irrigation system, but don’t have time to go through the process yourself? Handy Andy Outdoors clients can call us today and request our Irrigation System Winterization service.  Once your system has undergone the winterization process, please note that you won’t be able to use it again until it has gone through the start-up process of slowly filling the system with water, taking care not to damage the system with sudden changes in pressure.  However, because we are supposed to get a good amount of rain throughout this Winter and into Spring, hopefully your lawn will be well-hydrated the natural way and your irrigation system will be protected and in good shape next Spring.  If we do encounter an unexpected dry period, our local watering restrictions allow hand watering with a hose with automatic cutoff, using a handheld container or soaker hose any time, any day of the week.