Give Your Landscape a Boost with Our Tree and Shrub Fertilization Program

If your trees and shrubs aren’t growing or blooming as much as you think they should, they may need a boost of nutritional fertilizer to thrive. The landscape professionals at Handy Andy Outdoors are current with the number of fertilization methods and products available on the market today, and we offer the best approach to applying the best nutrients at the ideal time for your woody plants.

Handy Andy Outdoors offers our clients a choice for fertilizing trees and shrubs: Our Tree and Shrub Program protects your woody plants year-round and includes insecticides, fungicides and fortification against other issues throughout the year.  Or, clients can opt for a single application of fertilizer to their trees and/or shrubs.  

Is Lawn Fertilizer Different from Tree and Shrub Fertilizer?

While you may regularly fertilize your lawn, the nutritional requirements for healthy turf are different from the needs of a woody plant. Ornamental trees and shrubs are especially good candidates for our Tree and Shrub Program, as the nutritional needs of these plants can vary greatly from the rest of your landscape. 

The ideal time to apply fertilizer to your trees and shrubs is early Spring – the beginning of the growing season. The landscape experts at Handy Andy Outdoors apply a heat-activated fertilizer to trees and shrubs in the winter.  When the temperature warms up to mid 50s and 60s – which typically happens in early March in the metro Atlanta area – the fertilizer will automatically release the nutrients the plants need at the ideal time.  Trees and shrubs that need an additional boost should get a second application in late Spring. 

Not sure whether your trees and shrubs would benefit from a nutritional boost? Handy Andy Outdoors clients can contact us today, and we will evaluate the trees and shrubs on your property and provide a thoughtful recommendation. Fertilization is not always the answer.  While fertilizing can be beneficial to a plant in need of nutritional supplement, over-fertilizing can cause damage such as burning and scarring.  Rest assured that our experienced landscape specialists will recommend the best approach to providing the best nutrition program for your trees and shrubs.