Fall is the Perfect Time to Revitalize Your Garden

It’s Fall… and it’s a great time to refresh your garden! The top two ways you can breathe new life into your garden are (1) planting a Fall edible garden, and (2) ordering bulbs for your Spring garden.

Timeline for Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs:

Spring may seem a lifetime away, but bulbs that flower in the Spring MUST be planted in the Fall. Bulbs should be planted in cooler weather – when the soil has cooled below 55 degrees Fahrenheit but before the ground has frozen. That’s still a few weeks away, but now is the time to order your bulbs. If you would like flowering bulbs in early next Spring, start flipping through bulb catalogues now and place your orders. You’ll thank yourself when a beautiful splash of color appears in your landscape early next Spring!

Top 3 Tips for Planting a Fall Edible Garden:

A Fall vegetable garden is another great way to rejuvenate your plot this Fall. Here in Georgia, we’re fortunate enough to have a mild climate perfect for a Fall vegetable garden. Here are top three handy tips on planting the perfect edible garden this season:

  1. Start planting now!  It’s true we have a long growing season – on average, it’s over 230 days between Spring and Fall frosts in – but plants need time to get well established before the first freeze, which typically happens in mid-November in Hardiness Zone 7b (north Atlanta).
  2. Pick the right plants and the right area.  A wide range of edible plants will thrive in your Fall garden, from delicate lettuces and spinach to heartier plants such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower.  If you’d like a head start, many local nurseries and garden centers offer seedlings appropriate for this time of year.  Choosing the right location is also crucial for your plants, especially for delicate plants that need shade from the afternoon sun.  If you don’t have a garden bed in the perfect spot, consider containers that can be moved easily.  Keep in mind that bigger containers can be moved on casters. 
  3. Don’t forget to water your garden.  It’s easy to remember watering on hot summer days, but watering is just as important during the cooler Fall season.  Many Fall vegetables need consistent moisture to thrive.  For example, consistently moist soil leads to better results with mustard greens, fostering faster growth and more tender leaves.   Lack of consistent watering can also lead to undesirable conditions, such as cauliflower producing small, undersized heads referred to as “buttoning.” 

Remember that vegetables always taste better when picked fresh from your own garden, and even the pickiest eaters may be persuaded to try a vegetable they’ve nurtured from a seedling.

Are you dreaming of a bigger, better vegetable garden conveniently located within your landscape and elevated to eliminate the backbreaking work often associated with gardening? We’re here to help! The team at Handy Andy Outdoors can design and build the prefect raised garden bed for you.