Plan Now for Fall Landscape Enhancements

What’s your favorite part of the Fall season? Whether it’s pumpkin-flavored anything or the upcoming holidays, we have a lot to be thankful for every autumn. And if you ask me, the weather here is ideal in Fall, and our team really enjoys being outside in temperate weather.

Warm days and cooler nights means everyone can enjoy more time outside. And we’re here to help create the perfect enhancement to your landscape this Fall, whether it’s a quiet space to view the fall foliage, a place to gather with friends or just a simple focal point. 
Need some inspiration for the perfect Fall landscape enhancement project? Consider this: 

  • Add a Firepit: From providing a warm gathering place to creating memories with s’mores, a fireplace is a welcome addition to any landscape.
  • Enhance Curb Appeal by turning your Mailbox into an Accent Piece: From stacked stone to brick, our landscape design experts can upgrade an average mailbox area into an attractive focal point that is perfect for showcasing holiday decorations.
  • Add an Appealing Path: Want to beautify high traffic areas of your lawn, and prevent muddy footprints in your home this Fall?  From stepping stones to pavers or concrete, our team can design and install a beautiful pathway that provides a cleaner, better and more attractive route from point A to point B. 
  • Build Raised Garden Beds:  Get a leg up on Spring by building raised flower beds this Fall.  Raised beds are a practical, convenient and attractive way to showcase decorative plants or vegetable gardens.  We’ll help you get a head start by consulting on the best placement for your raised beds, and building sturdy structures at the perfect height.  

Whatever is on your wish list for your landscape this Fall, we can help turn that dream into reality. Schedule a consultation with one of our landscape enhancement experts today!