Fall Aeration and Overseeding

To keep your lawn looking its best, we provide aeration and overseeding for all cool season turfgrass types every Fall. The best time for this treatment is September or October, after the weather has slightly cooled and the seeds have a few weeks to germinate before the first freezing temperatures.

Common cool season turfgrass types here in Georgia include fescues, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. True to the name, the majority of growth for this types of grass takes place when the temperature cools down to between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Fall Overseeding for Cool Season Lawns

There are both practical and aesthetic benefits to overseeding your cool season turfgrass in the Fall. Overseeding will help repair any damage incurred over the summer from insects, disease and drought – and it will help fortify your lawn against future trauma. Overseeding will also enhance your lawn’s appearance by filling in patchy areas and overall thicker, denser grass.

Benefits of Aerating Cool Season Turfgrass in the Fall

Aerating your cool season turfgrass in the Fall also offers many advantages. The aeration process pokes thousands of holes in your soil, ensuring water, nutrients and oxygen will better penetrate the soil and effectively reach the roots. Aeration also promotes more effective drainage, making your lawn less vulnerable to certain types of fungal diseases that thrive in soggy environments. Plus, Handy Andy Outdoors uses specialized aeration equipment with hollow tines, which is more effective than spiked aeration equipment.

Together, aeration and overseeding work in harmony to maximize the benefits of both services. Seeds dispersed over a freshly aerated lawn have a much better chance of getting established and growing into healthy, hearty grass. We also recommend watering your freshly aerated and overseeded lawn for best results. 

Ready to fortify your cool season turfgrass? Call us today to schedule your aeration and overseeding for this Fall season.