Creating The Perfect Shaded Outdoor Seating Area

There’s no doubt that summer is hot here in Georgia, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck inside with the air conditioning. A shaded seated area is the perfect solution for enjoying the outdoors despite the hot summer sun.

A shaded seating area offers a break from direct sun, cooler temperatures and the opportunity to add creature comforts such as an outdoor fan. Strategically placed outdoor lighting can also ensure your new shaded space gets maximum use as it transitions seamlessly from day to night.

A shaded seating area is more than just practical. The design of these “outdoor rooms” can range from rustic to traditional or contemporary, and create an inviting area that is the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cold beverage, conversation or a good book. 

At Handy Andy Outdoors, we recognize that every landscape offers unique challenges and opportunities, and we offer thoughtful, customized design solutions that consider:

  • How you envision using the space
  • The orientation of the seating area, and how sunlight falls throughout the day
  • How to maximize your enjoyment throughout the seasons
  • Your existing landscape and topography

Depending on your personal vision and preferences, there are a number of ways to create the ideal shaded seating area for you and your family.

If you want to enjoy full shade, plus the added benefit of having a dry area on a rainy day, the best option is a seating area covered by a solid roof, such as a gazebo or covered porch

If you would prefer dappled sunlight, an attractive pergola can offer varying degrees of partial shade in a variety of different styles.

And recently gaining in popularity, adjustable canvas shades provide the ability to adjust the amount of sunlight that reaches your seating area on a whim.

If you’d like a more natural space that provides filtered sunlight during the warm seasons and full sun during the colder months, strategically placed ornamental trees create a beautiful outdoor space that offers filtered sunlight throughout the Spring and Summer and full sunshine during the winter months.

While the sky’s the limit with the creative design options available to you, we’ll work together to create a plan that is within your budget and adds long-term value to your property. We know it’s a big decision to invest in a landscape renovation and our experienced landscape designers and installation professionals will ensure you’re happy with every detail from start to finish

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with our landscape designer and let’s work together to create a landscape you’ll be proud of.