Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are hosting a party or cooking a routine weeknight meal, the kitchen is often the most popular gathering place in a home.  This summer, why not take it outside?  An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to any home, and will make cooking something to look forward to every night.  

The team at Handy Andy Outdoors can design and build your ideal outdoor kitchen.  From simple to stunning, each outdoor kitchen is as unique as the landscape that surrounds it.  We offer customized designs that take into careful consideration factors such as:

  • Would you like room for everyone to sit together at one table, or a more casual seating area?
  • How many people will be using the area?
  • How much cooking prep work would you like to do outside?
  • What’s the best path for walking in and out of your house to the outdoor kitchen?
  • Do you need storage for outdoor cooking tools, or storage for seat cushions?

Grilling seasons is not limited to summertime here in Georgia, and we can also add features such as fireplaces and fire pits that will ensure you can enjoy your outdoor living area almost all year round. 

After our initial consultation, we’ll draw up plans with the best design for your outdoor space.   We use quality hardscape materials that stand the test of time, and will become a natural extension of your home and landscape features.  And when it comes time to build your new outdoor kitchen, we’ll execute every task neatly, effectively, within budget and with minimal disturbance.

Let’s work together to create an inviting outdoor kitchen that will add value to your property and happiness to your day.