Top Dressing Your Lawn

Is it time for your lawn to get dressed?  Metro Atlanta is known for our lush, hilly topography – but an undulating landscape can also pose challenges.  Top dressing is a great solution for sloping lawns, as well as lumpy bumpy lawns. Top dressing simply describes the process of adding a thin layer of compost (or other materials) to your lawn in a way that’s beneficial on many levels.  

The top benefits of top dressing include:

  • Filling in depressions, making lawns more level, attractive and usable
  • Adding nutrients back into the soil, especially sloped lawns prone to erosion
  • Improving drainage, especially with Georgia clay soil

Like many home improvement projects, the best technique will yield the most effective results.  The most effective top dressing application will:

  • Take your current soil and grass types into consideration when creating the customized top dressing mix of compost and other materials.
  • Couple with aeration to avoid problems commonly associated with soil compaction.
  • Be applied in a thin layer.  If more top dressing is needed, it’s best to apply more thin layers over time rather than one thick application of top dressing.

The results of effective top dressing will be thicker, healthier and more even lawns that have an increased resistance to weeds, drought, disease and other stress factors. 

If you would like to schedule top dressing for your warm season turfgrass, contact Handy Andy Outdoors today by clicking here or by phone (770) 458-8505.