Aerate and Invigorate your Lawn this Spring

Aeration is a great way for Georgia residents to invigorate their warm season turfgrass.  Georgia dirt contains a lot of clay, and it can become very compacted over time – especially if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic.

Popular types of warm season turfgrass include Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass and Centipedegrass.  Warm season grass grows best during the late Spring, Summer and early Fall when temperatures are between 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it turns brown and goes dormant during the Winter months. 

Spring is the best time to aerate warm season turfgrass because it will ensure your lawn gets the hydration and nutrition it needs during the upcoming growing season. By poking thousands of holes in your soil with our specialized, hollow-tined aeration equipment, we are ensuring that water, nutrients and oxygen can better penetrate through the soil and effectively reach the roots of your grass. Aeration done with spiked equipment, rather than hollow tines, is not as effective.  

Aeration also helps aid drainage, and therefore prevents many problems associated with soggy lawns and the proliferation of certain types of fungus.  

If you would like to schedule aeration for your warm season turfgrass, contact Handy Andy Outdoors today by clicking here or by phone (770) 458-8505.