The Benefits of Applying Fresh Mulch This Spring

Should you or shouldn’t you?  Among the many decisions you make every year regarding the best care for your property is whether or not to install fresh mulch or pine straw in Spring. 

Here are some great reasons why investing in a fresh application of mulch is a smart investment for homeowners in the Atlanta area:

Mulch will protect your plants from temperature fluctuations: This is particularly beneficial during Springtime, when temperatures can swing dramatically from day to night (or even day to day).  A fresh layer of mulch or pine straw will protect your plants’ root systems by providing insulation against dropping air temperature.  These same insulation qualities also help during the really hot days of summer.

Mulch will help your soil stay moist: Water use becomes a hot topic every summer in Atlanta, as water restrictions (and water bills) inspire homeowners to become more efficient in their water use.  A fresh application of mulch or pine straw will slow water evaporation and help your soil retain moisture.  This means you can water less often, and prevent plants from drying out and dying in the summer heat. 

Mulch will help prevent weed growth: A protective barrier of mulch prevents many weeds from taking root and spreading through your flowerbeds.  Weeds are unsightly, and also steal valuable nutrients from the plants and trees meant to enhance your landscape. 

Mulch instantly enhances your curb appeal:  Talk about instant gratification.  A fresh layer of mulch or pine straw instantly adds polish to your landscape by better defining flowerbeds through uniform color, and provides an appealing contrast in texture against other landscape features. 

Are you ready for a fresh layer of mulch or pine straw, but don’t have the time to find quality materials, coordinate delivery and do the installation yourself?  No problem.  Contact us today and our professional team will take care of it, so you can spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time working on it.   Additional benefits of utilizing our professional team of landscapers to select, deliver and install your groundcover include:

We will accurately calculate the amount of mulch or pine straw needed, and charge you only for the amount used.  You don’t need to worry about under or over estimating the amount of groundcover needed. 

We stand behind the quality of our products.  We use trusted vendors and inspect for problems such as moldy or “soured” materials that could potentially damage your landscape by altering the pH of your soil.

We will apply correctly for optimum benefits and protection.  Common mistakes make during mulch application include applying the barrier too thin, too thick or up against trees, which not only decreases the benefits, but can also encourage insect habitation and damage.  Our team of landscape professionals is well-versed in how to apply pine straw and mulch in a way that maximizes the benefits.