Spring Irrigation Maintenance

Routine maintenance and repairs to your irrigation system will not only ensure that you have a great looking lawn this summer, it will also save money in the long run by preventing small problems from turning into bigger ones.

A professional Spring Start-Up and Walk Through for your irrigation system is important whether or not you winterized your irrigation system.  If the water was drained from your irrigation system in the Fall, a Handy Andy Outdoors professional will slowly fill the system with water, taking care not to damage it with a sudden rush of water and air pressure through the empty pipes.  If it was not winterized, we will troubleshoot your irrigation system and look for potential damage caused by frozen water expanding within the pipes. 

We will also look for problems such as clogs and leaks.  This will help prevent any surprises on your water bill caused by leaky, broken or damaged sprinkler heads and other system components that may have been damaged during the Winter months.

As part of the Irrigation Start-Up process, we also adjust sprinkler heads as-needed to make sure each one is positioned for optimal coverage – not spraying unnecessarily into the street or missing large areas of grass.  This will avoid chronic, inconsistent water coverage which can result in a patchy lawn over time.  

Finally, we will set your irrigation system’s controller to the optimal settings for your lawn, including the time of day, length of watering cycles and zones.  We will take into consideration your type of grass and the local watering restrictions when programming your irrigation system.  Clients that do not have a smart controller may consider upgrading for better efficiency, as these systems include wireless rain sensors and other features proven to conserve water.