February is a Great Time to Create (or Update) Your Landscape Plan

Whether you simply want to add a few accents, or you’re ready to create the outdoor living space of your dreams, February is the perfect time to get your landscape plan down on paper.

There are a number of reasons why February is the great time for landscape planning.  First, Fall and Spring are generally the best times to plant, and you will be well-prepared for the Spring planting season by creating your landscape plan now.  Second, if you decide to implement your plan right away, you will be able to maximize your time in your new landscape in Spring, and throughout Summer and Fall. 

A little planning goes a long way, and a professional landscape plan is an inexpensive way to invest in your property.  A good, professional landscape plan takes many factors into consideration, such as:

How your landscape will look year-round:

Your landscape should be designed to look its best year-round with delightful focal points, pleasing color schemes and curb appeal in all seasons.  Your color palette should complement the color of your house, and planting patterns can make your landscape a practical work of art.

How your landscape will look in the long run:

A good landscape designer will have a vision for how your landscape will look in 5, 10 – even 20 years from now.  How plants spread, reproduce and the rates of growth will all be factored into the best placement for each plant, tree and shrub on your property.

How you will use your outdoor space:

This is the practical side of landscape design.  Whether you’d like an open area to kick a soccer ball, or a quiet area for reflection, form and function are integral to a good plan.  

Little things that make a big difference:

With your budget in mind, a professional landscaper can also suggest features that will take your landscape to the next level.  For example, outdoor lighting can transform your landscape from dusk until dawn, increasing the utility of your outdoor space and creating a more inviting (and safer) environment after dark. 

If you are interested in creating or updating your landscape plan, set up a consultation with Handy Andy Outdoors today.